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Long Time No see (^_- )

Hisashiburi mina !! Oh god I dont remember when was the last time I joined this community O_O Hontou ni gomen nasai * Bow *
I hope we can refresh the community and discuss our passion in shoujo manga or manga in general (^_^)v

I didn't read new manga in this past few months since I was pretty busy with my personal life XD but I'm still super addicited to Ai Yazawa's master piece "NANA" I'm so addicted to this Manga & cant wait for the second Movie XD <--- unrelavent but I want to say it :P

The other manga that I'm still reading are :

Hot Gimmick Vol 11 (one more Vol and it will end )
Tramps like us ( still amazing manga I wanna read Vol 10 ASAP )
H3 recently I've read Vol 5 ( it was funny in the beginnig but the last Vol was kinda boring ) sorry rie takada you know I love ur manga that for sure
And I have other manga I bought but I dont have the time to read them plus they aren't that excited such as othello , wallflower, and many more...I want to read new exciting manga but dunno what @_@; maybe I'll try reading other than shoujo O_O;

I want to continue reading Basara its pretty amazing manga !

Thats it for now ....talk to you guys later Ja matta
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