rectherapyfreak (rectherapyfreak) wrote in shoujo_daisuki,

Shojo Beat July 2006

Hello i was wondering if anyone knew a place where i could purchase The July Issues of SHojo Beat. I started my subscription again in August and didn't look for the July one at the time because last year when i subscribed, even though i already had bought the 1st 2 mangas they sent me those ones in the mail starting my subscription at the 1st manga. I assumed they were going to do it like that again. They didn't though. I just got the November issue so far.

Anyway, I've looked everwhere and the only place i can find it is on ebay for 20.00 and 22.00 for shipping. 42.00 is a little too much for a single shojobeat...its more than the year subscription.

I am missing a chapter from all the other mangas so i haven't read them since JUne cause ineed the missing link.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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