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I randomly decided to prowl through links from my interests today... and I found this community. Yay! In any case, I'm a shoujo fan. I read a lot more manga than I watch anime. Probably because it's harder to watch anime in the bathtub, whereas I can take a stack of manga in there while I soak. I'm currently rereading Mars, which I first got hooked on when it was being published in Smile. I work part-time as the shipment receiver at a Waldenbooks, so I see the manga as it comes out of the boxes. Not good for the wallet, but it means I'm on top of new releases and am the "anime queen" of the store. A discount is a lovely thing.

Current series being released that I grab as soon as I see them: Hana-Kimi, Fruits Basket, Hana Yori Dango, Hot Gimmick, Kare First Love, W Juliet, Prince of Tennis, One Piece, Ouran Host Club, Sensual Phrase, Full Moon, Meru Puri, Queen's Knight, GALS!, Tramps Like Us... and probably more but I'm running out steam on that. =) One of the other nice things about working in a bookstore is that I get the chance to check out some series I might not have bought right away, or I can hold off buying them but not lose track of the story. I do plan to get Basara at some point, because I love it, but I have the entire story in Japanese so have been waiting.

I saw that some people posted pictures of their manga collections in earlier posts, so I have those to share, too. They're current as of a few weeks ago. I've added Shoujoai ni Bokuen (a serialized story that's only not-manga because the author can't draw a straight line with a ruler even though she tells an awesome story) and some backlog of Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha (the old pretty versions).

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