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I'M HOME (+^-^+)

Tadaimaaaaaaaaa (^_^)__/
I've really missed the journal alot !! Missed talk'n to you guys How have you been ?~

Okay probably you dont know, But I've just got back from London stayed for couple of weeks for my summer vacation IT WAS AWESOME !!! *DAAAISUKI DESUUUUU*

You wanna know why ...?

Simply because they sell manga EVERY WHERE O___o ( SHOCKED FROM HAPPINESS )

In my country they dont sell manga thats why I dont have other option than ordering via internet. But when I enter Manga Store I felt like am in paradise for sure xD

When I saw all the otaku @__@; Woooow my Addicted friends XD I felt like I'm inside "Genshiken" if you read the manga you will understand what I felt :P

Okie its true they have zillion of MANGA shelfs, but they do have problems>__<;;  Most of the series that I really wanna read are out of volume one !! DOOOOOOSHITE?~~ *SNiff Sniff *

And it takes time for the volume to arrive from USA to England >__<;;;  these 2 points the internet is much better~

Anyway, I bought lots of manga ( Bai Bai Money-sama T__T )

lets see,

Hands off  Volume 1 & 2 
Demon Dairy Volume 1 & 2
Immortal Rain 1-3  <--- I'm ganna read it and tell ya de311 about it :P
The devil do Exsit Vol 1&2
Kare Kano Vol 8 & 9
Vampire Game Vol 8,9,10,12 <-- They are out of vol 11 T__T
Tenjho Tenge vol 1 <-- Why they change it from Tenjou Tenge <__<;;
Happy Mania Vol 1 & 2
Girl Got Game Vol0  ( Its OVER !!!! I love this Manga ^-^)
Tramps like us Vol 6 ( Sumeri chan is So FUNNNY :P )
More Starlight to your heart  Vol 1 ( the cover remind me of Fushigi yuugi @_@; )
Kare First love  Vol 1  ( they are out of 2 >__< )
Miracle Girls Vol 1  ( Dont know why I took it, The cover remind me of oldies anime ^^)
888  <--- Yeah this is the title of the Manga :P  the cover is kuuute I hope the story as well ^+^
Shoujo Beat Volume 1 First & second issues

This is it +^_^+

I wanted to buy more, but the friends that I traveled with got sick of me entering every book store :P so they keep graping me TOOOKIII ENOUGH NO MORE MANGA (X_x)  heheheh * Gomen ne :P *

I haven't read the manga yet...except GGG & Tramps like us which I enjoyed alot ^^


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