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Anti Side Stories X_x

I'm one of the people who simply HATE side stories in the original manga. I'm talk'n about when you were in a middle of a huge event and you just bought this new manga then out of no where in the middle of the book at the end of the page they write "Continue in the Xvolume !" WHAT THE HECK !!! I'm still in the middle of the book !! then they turn out that the rest of pages are simply side stories from totally different Manga O__o I JUST HATE IT !!!

Reason for being Anti-Side stories ?

1. I'm a kind of person who adore reading long volumes, I prefer 10 volumes and above. so when I read a side story that going to end in one chapter I usually dont get excited at all !! and since I'm reading Shoujo Manga then I know what going to happen in the end >_<;; I wonder if shounen manga also has side stories ~?

2. sometimes you wait despretly for the volume to get releasedm and your totally hyper and excited that you finally have it and then you realize that its also include a side story !! like a normal manga pages would make me satisfied T__T

3. I dont mind side stories but about the same manga, like flash back like what happened in Hot Gimmick Vol8 when we read about their childhood history, even though I prefer no side stories at all, but atleast this case is much better than reading totally new story for just one chapter O_o;;

Okay sorry I've talked too much, but I just read Kare Kano Vol 8 and their was this side story so it kinda pisses me off xD
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