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Just Random

I thought I'd bring up some manga's I just finish reading to see if anyone else felt the same as I did. Okay first up...

Model Which is a manhwa but whatever, the last volume was hella thick! But not that, I seriously wonder if it is just me or did anyone else become confused with the series? Like the ending helped to explain some things but I think I'm still confused as I can't understand why Adrian would involve himself w/ Eve and produce a child if he knew.. or wait did he know ::can't remember::.. and was Micheal bi?! He loved Jae but him and Adrian had some sort of *history*... and some other plot stuff through me that I can't all recall.

Ooo last weekend I read (since I had ordered some manga and it came on Saturday) Doubt vol 4, From Far Away vol 5 and 6, Red River vol 8, and finally finished reading Kare Kano vol 16 (so I'm definitely in dire need of 17 now).

First off I think there were definitely some hilarious moments in Doubt! I wish my Girl Got Game last volume would have came but they ran out so I have to wait until the new order comes in, and I KNOW when I read the last volume I'll probably die in laughted, that series is so hilarious! Though I did skip ahead and get the chinese scans, at least I can honestly say I was able to read some of it, hahaha. Must read more Red River and From Far Away, but especially Red River. Red River = hooked

Aw, and I finally read Hot Gimmick v9, lol, I think it has dropped from my favorite list thus it took me so long to read it, but aw, twas sad (for Shinogu). I also read this one book which has been on my shelf for over 5 months, Les Bijoux I think I may actually consider getting the rest of it down the road since it's only 5 volumes long. But if you haven't read it, it's kinda another world ish, but it's about a boy whose parents are a hunchback (mother) and a dwarf (father) now don't ask me how they... got down but it did and gave birth to an unusual child that is like the prophesized child to do something (okay you've probably heard this sitch before) BUT every now and then he turns into exetremely beautiful girl. Now the thing is there was this prince who later becomes a crazed king, but when he was younger he came across this boy (but at the time he was in his girl form) and the prince was being hunted/about to be killed but somehow her powers protected him.... blah ze blue, I'd say read it.

Yes... indeed I talk to much, okay that's my thingy. If anyone else has read any of these, reply ^_^ Discussing and squealing together is always fun, haha.

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Model confused the HECK out of me. But not just this volume... all the way through. :> I'm really not sure I can answer anything on that one. I just sort of went... okay... um... okay... I guess it's over?

I'm now mostly caught up with From Far Away -- I read 4 and 5 this week, which means I can pick up 6 and I'll be completely caught up. It's so adorable. And I still must pick up Red River, because far too many people who like the same stuff I do like it a lot.

I haven't gotten into Doubt!! yet. I kind of read the first one but it wasn't hooking me and I didn't finish it. I should restart Girl Got Game, though. I think I dropped out around the 4th volume. Now that there's an ending it's incentive to blitz through.

Hot Gimmick... I always feel so bad for Shinogu. He's so sweet... I know if you dig down into it the incest thing really isn't a good point and really it is incest considering how they were raised, but... he's so /sweet/! I liked volume 9 better than I had liked volumes 6-8, so I'm looking forward to volume 10.

Haven't read Les Bijoux, but it keeps getting messed up in the bookstore so /someone/ is reading it.
Oh no, believe me Model confused me! Like the whole series after vol 1 or 2 it was just like 'what, who, wahhhhh'... type stuff. And then yeah I guess with the ending she saved Micheal by becoming a vampire herself since he was outside that day??? LOL, I don't know but that series confused me.

Yes! I think if you like From Far Away or Red River, your bound to like the other. I started Red River and then discovered From Far Away, so I'm just hooked to those! Then the last volumes of them have me now preordering them even though they don't come out until November I think, around the time the new Hot Gimmick. Yeah the incest thing is a bit much and there are those technicalities of it but yeah if it was me I'd definitely be ::barf::, haha BUT it's a manga! LOL. The manga which I've seen the close to being realistic was probably Paradise Kiss.

Ooo next time you should flip through Les Bijoux yourself or tends to run really cheap on ebay.

Hey have you read Eerie Querie? Isn't it a yaoi series?
I've read the first two... or maybe three... of Eerie Queeie. I know I haven't read the fourth. My niece was collecting it before she went to Japan (exchange student), so I borrowed hers. It's funny. :> Shonen-ai, certainly, but I wouldn't quite call it yaoi.

Heh, Paradise Kiss. I got started on that one when it was running in Smile. Yeah, I like it. I've got the complete set of original purple covers, which seems to be hard to now that they've rereleased it. *mutters about the similar cover change of Forbidden Dance* at least ParaKiss has the entire story in both styles...

Oh, btw. Right Stuf is having a 40%/33% off Viz sale. It includes preorders, I believe. That'll bump the manga down to a nice price. The coupon code for it is 'kickoff', which gets entered in at the end of the order. Here's what they say about it:

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OMG... sooooo cool! Thanks! haha, another reason to spend money ::shakes head:: I'll have to make sure to behave about that coupon.
I feel the same way for shinogu T_________________T everytime I read it, tears form in my eyes T___________T SHINOGU!!!!!!!! the incest is so sweet in the story though T____________________T


December 13 2006, 02:23:47 UTC 11 years ago

LOL, and technically they aren't related by blood at least... the mental aspect its what messing up the possible blossoming of something more, but I can't wait for the alternate novel to be released which has Shinogu and Hatsumi as a couple but its done by another author.


December 13 2006, 02:59:11 UTC 11 years ago

that's awesome >< and good thing they aren't related by blood >< it makes the story never-ending!
me bads, that was me earlier, i forgot to sign in to post that (was at a different computer)...

At any rate, yeah, have you read the last volume of Hot Gimmick? I have yet to purchase it myself. Hopefully this weekend I'll get it