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VIZ sale at Right Stuf

I posted this in a comment, but thought it might be good to feature as its own post. :> It's especially pertinent, I think, because there are a lot of the Shojo Beat titles that can count as pre-orders. Right Stuf is great with sales and weekly bargains. I'm on their weekly mailing list.

From now until 9/18, get 40% OFF Retail price on all Viz VHS and DVDs and 33% OFF Retail price on all Viz Books!* I'd recommend you get in the spirit of the season with manga like Eyeshield 21, but of course there's always favorites like Fullmetal Alchemist and Bleach that you don't wanna miss out on either!

How? Just use the following reusable coupon code when you check out through our online store:

Coupon Code: kickoff
Expires: 9/18/05

Plus, if you're a Got Anime Member, you can use your membership and score some even greater savings!

Not sure what products are from Viz? We've made it especially simple, just click on the small graphic reading "Viz Sale Items", located on the right-hand side of our main page and you'll be able to page through with ease!

No pre-order restrictions, lots of new titles available, it's a great time to catch up on your reading! But even though the football season is several months long, this sale will only be up for 10 days! Be sure to hurry and get your orders in fast!
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Too bad normal stores like Barns and Noble and Borders aren't having the sale.
lol i usually dont get stuff offline so thats why :\
but thanks for the post!
Waldenbooks is currently having a buy-4-get-the-5th-free sale on manga. I don't know when it ends, but it's going on now. Since Waldenbooks and Borders are the same company, it is QUITE possible that Borders is having the same sale. It'd work out to approximately 20% each book. Go look! :)
holy crap! O___O
Spend $40 and get 1 manga free.
XD wow... there goes all my money. times like these make me reilize how over priced mangas are! ;____;
lol, i'll have to check it out tho.
Yes, but they're ever so much cheaper than they used to be... back when a single volume was ~$15.95. I still have the old-style Ranma books that were that price...
oh yeah!!!!!
i remember those!! XDD
yeah i have a couple of the old inuyasha like that.
$15.00 = O_O
Thanks for this! Unfortunately it doesn't take Paypal and also the shipping plus the items (even on sale) end up being more expensive than my local comic book store. Thanks anyway!
I somehow usually end up with free shipping from Right Stuf when I place orders there. And PayPal versus credit card direct entry has never been a problem for me, since I use the CC funding side of PayPal anyway (hate direct-withdrawals from bank accounts, hatehatehate).