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Another Random Entry about X-Day

So did they not blow up the school? It seems as though they didn't but that news report at the end kinda hints that maybe they did. I'm pretty sure it's purposely there to provide the reader with whichever they may think. Like if you were reading thinking they'd probably go through with the plan then that ending maybe felt as though they did, but then again... ::sigh::

But anyways, WHAT IS UP WITH THE SHORT STORY AT THE END!? Is it just me or did anyone else feel like becoming a vegetarian after reading. I think I'm highly too sensitive since I felt myself going 'awwwwww'. I mean I was reading the story and was confused in the beginning because (oh wait, possible spoiler alert) here's this small/young boy getting upset that his father is about to be eaten, now here's the punch, they were HUMAN or at least they looked close to being human minus the huge bell around their neck and their ears which kinda curved out like an elvish ear but rotated. So apparently you learn that these are cows which have had their genes spliced w/ human dna since cows were all killed during this black plague (I think, I forget how they explained what happened to them)... And of all things, the title of the story is called "The LAST Supper" ::shakes head::

Has anyone else read X-Day and that particular story as well?
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