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this week's shoujo and Onna! shout-out

New shoujo in bookstores this week:

Angel Sanctuary 10
Basara 14
Boys Over Flowers 14
Doubt!! 4
Fushigi Yugi 16
MeruPuri 2
Tokyo Boys & Girls 2

Viz has Sensual Phrase 10, Hana Kimi 8, and Full Moon 3 listed as in-stock, so hopefully those will arrive next week. :) With the second volume out of Tokyo Boys & Girls, I finally gave it a try. I like Hot Gimmick -- it's the same mangaka -- but I was worried that the stories might be too similar. The back blurb for TB&G volume 1 sort of indicated a reverse situation. I'm happy to discover that's not the case, and it's now occupying my shelf as the first "T" book in my collection. Heh. Putting it there made me notice, and means I am only missing English-translated manga starting with the letters E and Z. I feel a silly urge to go buy Eerie Queerie and Zodiac P.I. just to fill the gaps.

Aside from that random note, I totally should have said something about this before but didn't think to... this coming weekend, October 8-10, there's going to be a shoujo anime convention in New Jersey. It's called Onna!, and is a celebration of women in anime and manga. If anyone's in the vicinity, it should be really neat. I'll be staffing registration and wherever else they put me after that closes. :>
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