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Shojo/manga Goodness

Are any of you in the free_manga community? Cause if you aren't you should... Its an awesome community where you can share/request manga you're interested in. I've gotten into SO many new shojo titles that aren't available in the US and some that are.

Here's a list of some this community got me hooked too:

1. Kagen No Tsuki by Ai Yazawa (Nana, ParaKiss Mangaka)
2. Binetsu Shjo By Miyasaka Kaho (Kare 1st Love Mnagaka)
3. Kimi Wa Pet (which i believe is Tramps like us.) by Yayoi Ogawa
4. Cat Street by Yoko Kamio (hana Yori Dango Mangaka)
5. Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai by Ai Yazawa
6. Never Ending Heart a short by Fuyuma Soryo (Mars Mangaka)

And many more!! Wanted to share the goodness with other shojo/manga lovers.
THis should be a link to the community:
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Love the icon!

I'm not on that community (yet!) but also enjoy Kimi Wa Pet and Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai. And I've heard of Cat Street but not tried it yet. I'll bounce over tonight and take a look. Thanks!