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So i'm working on writing a shojo manga. Who knows if i'll ever finish it or do anything with it, i hope i do though! I have several ideas for the ending but i don't want it to suck and be disappointing to the readers.

The main character in this story is a tomboy like character who has never dated. In the story she is sort of pressured by her only femae friends to get a boyfriend. The story takes a place over a span of her junior year in high school ending at her prom. Over the course of the story she is dates 2-3 guys and there is 1 that she is always after until the end when she realizes she was never really in love with him. I don't wanna give away the plot of the story but just in general which ending do you think people would love or hate, or do you think any would do be fine.

Here are the three ending i am debating over:

1. The main character does not end up in a realationship, but she has matured and feels more confident with herself. And has become closer to her friends. (she would still have a date to the prom, just not a boyfriend)

2. This is my favorite ending. This one is not going to go right out and say she has a boyfiend but its completely hinted at that she is with her prom date.

3. The third ending clearly states who she is with and that they will live happily ever after.

I hope this makes sense..sometimes i don't write things write...
Onmce i finish writing it all out then i need to ork on my drawing...taht's gonna take awhile. Once i draw pleasing pictures of the characters i'll share them w/ this community. I think i'm going to take an art class or something.

THank you for your time!
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